Thursday, March 22, 2012

Clarion County Kids Honor Roll

With 35 students, three trucks (a Marmon, a Peterbilt and a fully drivable scaled down mini-Pete), the Clarion County Kids are conquering Louisville again.

For the past several years students of the Clarion County Career Center have learned to do much more than oil changes and change tires.

Their first build from the frame rails up was a salvage truck named "The Educator." It took 10 years and two instructors, along with a truckload of students, to build.

Success and enthusiasm made for a speedier process, and their second efforts,"Certified Pride" and "Class Act," took only a couple of years.

This year, we welcome them back with "Honor Roll," a 2002 Peterbilt 379 with a 270-inch wheelbase, and 3796NZ Caterpillar engine turning out 600 horsepower. This truck came to CCCC with 1 million miles on the frame.

In a learning experience that included demolition, construction and rebuild -- along with upholstery, fit and finish -- this truck has inspired students, educators, drivers, service writers, mechanics and anyone who has an interest in our trucking community. They've earned high marks!

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