Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kick Start for Coleman

Coleman Doverspike isn't quite tall enough to see over the hood of a full-sized Class 8 truck. He loves trucks, which is no surprise considering his Dad, Donnie, is the driving force behind the students at the Clarion County Career Center and their ongoing efforts to build road-worthy trucks from heaps and dreams.

The Doverspikes are building a scaled down version of a big truck. It's a work in progress that the two of them can learn on together. It's a little bit of this and some of that, but an education in every rivet and turn of the wrench. And it runs!

Young Coleman is both passionate and knowledgeable about every facet of the process. In fact, he so impressed PKY show director, Bud Farquhar, that Farquhar handed over the microphone at the awards ceremony. Coleman was honored with the "Kick Start" Award; recognizing the next generation of up and coming truck drivers and show truck aficionados.

When asked where he came up with the design for his truck, Coleman didn't hesitate. "I got the idea from watching Smokey & The Bandit," he explained. "I liked the paint scheme and wanted it on my truck."

Rock on, young man. We'll look forward to chronicling your trucking adventures for a long time to come.


  1. All I can think is, with Coleman's savvy, the "Kick Start" Award might be a little late. He's obviously been off and running and heading toward great things for quite some time. What an amazing kid. (Credit to Donnie for raising him right.)

    1. Hey thanks for the great blog spot, but I have to say that his mom deserves a lot of credit also. She does an awesome job with Coleman and he would not be the same without her. I want to thank you and Suzanne for everything you do for the boys and the trucking industry, great job.