Friday, March 30, 2012

MATS reports all-time attendance record

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More people attended the 2012 edition of the Mid-America Trucking Show than any other show in its 41-year history, organizers say.

The official tally from Toby Young, president of Exhibit Management Associates, is that 80,972 people attended this year’s affair from all 50 states and 77 countries, eclipsing the previous mark set in 2008 by just over 4,000.

By most accounts, including what we saw and heard for ourselves, the world of trucking is rebounding. Toby acknowledged in his post-show report that many exhibitors said the show exceeded their expectations.

The 2008 show may have had more exhibitors, but 2012 was no slouch with 1,070 companies on the grounds at the Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center.

A total of 211 registered media correspondents from the U.S., Canada, Mexico and other countries around the globe covered the event for their publications.

And while we don’t know exactly how many pork chop sandwiches were consumed, we’d have to assume that the food vendors had a good show, too.

Planning for MATS is a yearlong event for the organizers and participants, who have already started the countdown to March 21-23, 2013.

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  1. Now when are they going to extend the hours?